dbtech Quarterly Update

24 May 2022

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

Our dbtech team is operating in full-force both customer-facing and behind the scenes with our product development. We are excited about some of the features that were released in the first quarter and our roadmap continues to lengthen! We are grateful for the customers we work with, our hardworking team and the opportunities on the horizon. Below is our full quarterly update.

Product Enhancements

Our strategy, from the beginning of dbtech, has been to ensure that we focused on our customers’ business goals and built a product in service of those needs. To that end, we have been investing heavily in product development over the past several years and have released several updates to our products.

First, our RAS platform has been significantly improved with the release of RAS Build 3706. It includes updated features, functionality, and interface improvements. Paramount among these feature updates is the ability to upgrade the product without interrupting service to users. This was a highly requested feature for our customers operating on a 24/7 schedule. A few other features include:

  • Stronger Patient Health Information (PHI) Protections
  • Better Communication with Users
  • More Capture Capabilities 
  • Flexibility in Management Reports

Please reach out if you would like to learn more about this or review the new features in-depth on our website at https://dbtech.com/blog/new-functionality-in-ras-3-706-release/.

We have also been further developing our Downtime product, which allows customers using Cerner, MEDITECH, Epic and others to continue to operate in the event of a network or server downtime event. Downtime is an inevitability, and so we have created something to help in both planned and unplanned downtime events. It will even sync data entered during a downtime event back to your primary EHR.  Some of the Downtime enhancements that rolled out this quarter include:

  • Master Locations 
  • No-Collect Locations
  • Downtime Number Management

We have had good adoption of this product by our customers and look forward to showing you more if you are interested in mitigating downtime impacts.

Finally, we continue to adapt and test our product with cloud technologies. We’re very excited by the progress. If you have a mandate to move your infrastructure to the cloud, please reach out to our support team and let us know.

Business Updates

Along with updates to our products, we have a few business updates and company achievements to share as well.

  • We released an NPS program for our customers to provide feedback to our team both semi-annually and after each support ticket, which has helped us improve our customer experience
  •  The dbtech team excelled in the Gallup Q12 Engagement Survey, scoring a (X) on the 5-point scale. Having a cohesive engaged team is important to us!
  • We are continuing compliance efforts and reviews to constantly evaluate our systems to ensure our software exceeds industry standards.
  • This year so far, a ton of dbtech team members celebrated anniversaries with us! Greg Park (22 years), Phil Sullivan (23 years), Trish Violante (22 years), Stacey Cosgove (19 years), Matt Alles (12 years), Matt Geene (14 years). We appreciate their continued hard work and are grateful to have the longevity to serve our customers day-in and day-out.

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