EHR Downtime Solutions Nursing Homes & Long Term Care Facilities

3 January 2024

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

As healthcare providers in long term care facilities and nursing homes depend on electronic health records (EHRs) to facilitate patient care, system downtime can immensely impact clinical operations. The use of EHRs, means that a downtime solution is imperative. 

Today, we’re diving into the benefits of a downtime solution and how it helps maintain seamless patient care.

What Are the Issues That Can Happen Without a Downtime Solution in Place?

Facilities that do not have a downtime solution in place encounter significant operational challenges. Without access to data, providers would have to resort to other means of working, this would mainly be paper-based workflows. The inability to access patient data, results in a loss of revenue and patient dissatisfaction—the absence of prior history available in EHR results in providers relying on a patient’s recollection of their medical history.This is dangerous and can lead to medical errors.

The Benefits of a Downtime Solution

The benefits of implementing a downtime solution are multifaceted in long term care settings. Some of these benefits include: 

Care Continuity 

Continuity of care is essential, and downtime may result in diagnosis, treatment, and patient treatment delays. With a downtime solution, care continuity remains unaffected as healthcare professionals can continue to access vital patient information and make informed decisions. 

Data Access 

Apart from preserving the operational flow, a downtime solution helps reduce the impact of the system or network being down and ensures dependable access to patient data. This plays a critical role in maintaining data integrity and decreasing errors or discrepancies in patient records.

Patient Satisfaction

A downtime solution allows uninterrupted access to patient information, ensuring that healthcare providers can promptly attend to patients’ needs. Patient satisfaction increases as they receive care without delays or complications due to system downtime, therefore building trust between patients and healthcare providers.

How a dbtech Customer Leverages Our Downtime Solution

dbtech’s system downtime solution has proved to be a boon for one of our customers, a long-term care nursing home provider. During network or system downtime, our customer requires access to critical records such as medication administration records (MAR) and treatment authorization requests (TAR). Our downtime solution has enabled the provision of these records without resorting to paper-based workflows while ensuring patient care is not interrupted, which is essential for a nursing home.

Contact dbtech for Comprehensive Downtime Solution in Various Healthcare Settings

All healthcare facilities must have a downtime solution to ensure patient care continuity, prevent revenue loss, and reduce patient dissatisfaction. With dbtech, long term care facilities and nursing homes can use the dbtech downtime solution to ensure uninterrupted continuity of care while allowing for comprehensive record-keeping without resorting to paper-based workflows. 

Remember a downtime procedure is paper-based and error prone. Your facility needs a downtime solution.

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