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The Downtime Dilemma: Why Healthcare Organizations Need a Plan

Downtime is an inevitable part of any healthcare organization. From scheduled maintenance to unplanned outages, systems will go offline from time to time. This can cause significant disruptions for patients and staff, leading to frustration. This blog post will discuss the downtime dilemma and how dbtech can help your healthcare...

by DB Technology

Key Considerations for a Successful EHR Migration

There are various reasons why an organization may want to move to a new EHR. However, most often, it's because they need a new system to accommodate changing technology or because their old EHR has become outdated. For healthcare organizations, switching to a new EHR requires thorough consideration and planning...

by Cally Kobza

How to Improve Healthcare Collaboration

Healthcare is a complex and ever-changing industry. For this reason, healthcare providers must collaborate effectively to provide optimal care for patients. It is critical to deliver the tools that make this kind of collaboration more manageable than ever. At dbtech, our advanced workflow automation and tools facilitate communication between departments,...

by DB Technology

3 Lines of Defense: dbtech Protects Data with These Features

Healthcare organizations have an obligation to protect patient privacy when handling confidential data. That's why dbtech has implemented several security features into our document management solutions that will help secure private health information and maintain compliance. This post will discuss three of the most essential security features dbtech offers. HIPAA...

by Cally Kobza

Downtime Protection for Your EHR System: An Overview of dbtech’s Solution

If your EHR system goes down, so does your ability to provide patient care. EHR Downtime can result in lost revenue and even put patients at risk. That's why dbtech offers a comprehensive downtime solution that ensures your vital patient information is always accessible. In this blog post, we will...

by Cally Kobza

Minimize Downtime Woes with dbtech’s Solutions

We all know the feeling of frustration and dread that comes with technical issues. Your staff is trying to do their job, but they can't because the systems are down. And it's not just frustrating for them - it's costly for your hospital, too. Downtime problems can cause a significant...

by DB Technology

How does HL7 Support Interoperability in Healthcare?

HL7 is a standard message format used by healthcare facilities to exchange electronic protected health information (ePHI). Electronic data exchange allows for secure and immediate access to this information throughout the organization. Achieving interoperability in healthcare would be quite the challenge without HL7. And by using a document management system...

by Cally Kobza

6 Critical Reasons to Implement an Electronic Downtime Solution

Downtime for Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and computer networks is inevitable and unavoidable, due to a variety of circumstances, including software updates, hardware failures and ransomware. Downtime may be scheduled or unscheduled, and may affect only one system, but it can also be as catastrophic as an entire network...

by DB Technology

Planned vs Unplanned Downtime

How Your Healthcare Facility Can Plan Either Way When downtime occurs at your hospital, it can be challenging to recover. Whether it’s planned or unplanned downtime, there are items that need to be taken care of in order for your healthcare facility to continue operating  as fully and efficiently as...

by Cally Kobza

The Importance of HL7

In the healthcare industry, following regulations is extremely critical as it affects hospital operations and patient care. If your facility chooses not to follow standards and requirements, it can hinder or halt operations entirely. One standard healthcare facilities must follow today is HL7. The HL7 interface structure is used to...

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