How dbtech’s EHR Downtime Solution is Different

11 June 2024

AUTHORED BY: Chloe Williams

A downtime solution shouldn’t be viewed as a temporary fix for your EHR system. Instead, it needs to be a comprehensive solution that addresses all facets of care continuity to keep your organization running smoothly during an outage.

In 2024, an MGMA Stat poll revealed that 29% of medical groups updated their EHR or revenue cycle system downtime protocols, underscoring the critical need for dependable downtime solutions. But what sets dbtech’s EHR downtime solution apart from the rest?

The Problem with Competing Downtime Solutions

Many hospital downtime solutions available today offer similar features, aiming to minimize disruptions during system outages. However, some may lack features designed for rapid recovery or healthcare data capture. 

Some hospitals may even resort to paper-based methods during downtime events, which can negatively impact productivity and compromise patient data integrity. Such a method may work in a pinch, but it is far from ideal.

How dbtech’s Downtime Solution Stands Out From the Competitors

Dbtech’s EHR downtime solution offers several features that ensure healthcare organizations maintain seamless operations and data integrity.

Rapid Downtime Recovery

One of the standout features of dbtech’s solution is its streamlined and user-friendly approach to EHR downtime recovery. When a downtime event ends, users simply click a button to indicate the return to normal operations. 

All facilities use electronic encounter forms for their patients, and our downtime solution starts taking in new registrations immediately.  The information captured during the downtime is sent back to the EHR through our Rapid Recovery feature, utilizing HL7 to transfer the data or file export if needed. This eliminates the extended periods often required to recover information, taking just hours instead of days.

Complementary Downtime Audit Assessment

To further enhance your downtime preparedness, dbtech offers a complementary downtime assessment. This assessment reviews your organization’s current protocols, identifying areas of success and opportunities for improvement. We evaluate things like: 

  • Existing documentation and plans
  • Planned and unplanned downtime procedures
  • Internal and external communication methods

All-in-One Solution

dbtech’s solution is designed to address both network and EHR downtime, providing comprehensive protection for your facility. Our solution safeguards against ransomware and malware attacks, ensuring continuous electronic workflows and eliminating reliance on paper-based solutions. It seamlessly integrates with industry-leading EHRs and ERPs, offering a robust and reliable option for healthcare organizations.

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