Improve Patient Registration with eForms

8 March 2022

AUTHORED BY: Cally Kobza

Paper forms were once the standard for collecting and managing patient information and wet-signatures.  Today, electronic forms are an industry standard due to technology developments across every industry, especially in healthcare.

One of the benefits of eForms is the reduction in documentation errors, especially in patient registration where eforms makes it possible to collect data using data entry rules, lookup tables and electronic patient signatures.  Once completed these documents are accessible to any employee, vendor partner or the patient themselves.  But this is just the beginning of the benefits achieved with an experienced eforms vendor like dbtech.

Ease of Communication

When patients arrive at your hospital, they expect quick service with little to no delays during the registration process.  Paper forms are error prone, and their legibility is determined on the penmanship of its author.  Not only are paper forms difficult to manage, but they leave room for errors like the inability to read the patient’s chief complaint, or simply losing the paper by leaving it somewhere it didn’t belong.

eForms provide the perfect alternative to paper forms by providing all the flexibility of paper along with all the controls to ensure quality data input and secure online access to support all of your documentation workflows.

Enhanced Inter-Departmental Collaboration

eForms are as diverse as the 100’s of paper forms used throughout your hospital today, but eforms are much more versatile.  Patient data collected via eforms is captured and shared across various hospital departments, where each department can add or approve/sign documents for innumerable hospital workflows.

From waivers to surgical approvals to simple patient wristbands, eForms can create tremendous efficiencies for patient registration, billing and clinical areas, but patient-care areas are not the only areas where eForms can provide efficiencies.  A few other departments include:

  • Physician Credentialling
  • Residency Programs
  • Human Resources
  • General Finance Accounting

Data Accuracy

Reputations are won and lost on how hospitals record and ensure the accuracy of patient data.  Paper forms and hastily jotted information can create unexpected and dire consequences, whereas eForms provide for easy and accurate collection of patient data with the highest regard for patient privacy and security.

Patient registration is improved with eForms by decreasing the errors in data collection and by ensuring that data is safely transmitted back to your EHR or clinical platform.  Clearly designed and easy to read digital eForms will make it easier for your staff and patients to comply with and understand the forms they are reading.  While eForms are being captured, behind the scenes data-mining technologies repurpose eForm data for your EHR using HL7 to ensure all data is managed in a singular location.

The dbtech suite of diverse, agile, and versatile healthcare solutions, including eForms, improves patient registration while maintaining the highest level of security and privacy expected in healthcare solutions.  eForms from dbtech will create efficiencies in the registration process, increase accuracy and create mutual collaboration between different healthcare departments. So, consider eliminating paper forms today, and employ the latest eForms solutions from dbtech.  Connect with us now to know more about eForms for healthcare. 

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