Lawson / Infor ERP

Streamline Your Most Document-Intensive Processes with Workflow Automation

Healthcare organizations require dbtech’s healthcare document management solution seamlessly integrates with Lawson / Infor ERP systems, a leading choice for payroll, purchasing, supply chain, and operations management.. Our Lawson / Infor ERP integration offers workflow automation for splitting reports and data extraction to streamline your most document-intensive processes. Additionally, our system enables the archiving of ERP reports and facilitates their distribution through printing or online viewing.

By adding a robust document management solution you can enhance Lawson / Infor’s ERP system, dbtech’s integration can eliminate paper-based processes, improving data accuracy and accessibility. 

Digitize Paper Records

By leveraging features like workflow automation and controlled access, our ERP integration ensures greater data entry accuracy and streamlining processes. It provides a more secure and efficient way to manage payroll, operations, purchase orders, and approvals; operational departments can minimize lost or damaged records and rely on an organized and centralized database.

Leverage Workflow Automation

Leverage the power of workflow automation and split reports, extract data, and email information as needed, saving time while reducing errors. With our system, you can automate your payroll, purchasing, and document approval processes and experience significant cost savings, allowing you to focus on higher-value tasks and increasing productivity.

Easily Archive Reports

Our healthcare document management system allows easy report archiving and distribution through our secure central storage, whether in print or online format. Using features like controlled access permissions, only authorized users can access these archived reports, ensuring the confidentiality and security of sensitive health information. 

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Providing centralized and controlled access to documents, search and retrieval, and automated workflow capabilities, dbtech’s ERP integration with Lawson/Infor reduces IT and administrative burden while containing the flexibility to adjust to the unique and evolving needs of your healthcare organization. As a result, operational overhead is drastically reduced, and users can rely on a future-proof system to manage financial documents, employee, and payroll records with one comprehensive platform.