The Top 6 Healthcare Workflows to Automate for Streamlined Operations

23 October 2023

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

Workflow automation in healthcare is pivotal for achieving optimal patient outcomes and driving operational efficiency. Not only does it save time, increase accuracy, and reduce reliance on paper-based processes, but workflow automation ensures data security and privacy – a critical factor for healthcare facilities. Here, we will discuss the top six use cases for workflow automation in healthcare and how dbtech helps organizations leverage these capabilities to their fullest extent. 

Here are six healthcare workflows that can be automated to achieve streamlined operations:

1. Patient Onboarding 

Upon patient arrival, the patient access and registration departments are tasked with collecting patient data quickly and efficiently. With eForms and document workflow automation, patients can complete forms digitally and ensure that all necessary information is collected for their specific patient type and procedure. 

2. X12 Data Analysis 

Claims data is essential to healthcare operations. With workflow automation, claims data can be analyzed using X12 data format, alerting healthcare providers to trends, errors, and fraudulent activities, improving efficiency and accuracy.

3. Real-Time Alerts

Information is only actionable when providers can see it. Alerts can be used to notify healthcare providers of critical information in real time, ensuring urgent issues are resolved quickly.

4. Data Security

Protecting data is vital for healthcare organizations and patient care outcomes. Workflow automation can help ensure data security by setting up audits that check reports being accessed, printed, copied, etc., while limiting access to authorized personnel.

5. Document Scanning

Scanning documents into a searchable PDF format can help healthcare professionals organize documents based on patient, vendor, or employee folders, reducing paper waste and improving efficiency.

6. Forms & Custom Forms

Pre-printed forms are a significant cost for hospitals. Electronic capture of UB04s and CMS1500s can save resources and allow healthcare professionals to easily search and access patient and billing data from any period.

Achieve Data Security and Privacy While Driving Operational Efficiency with dbtech

dbtech’s workflow automation solution offers secure report distribution via internal networks or web browsers, generates spreadsheets, provides on-demand EIS reports emails and enables electronic bursting of reports and data. By streamlining workflows and eliminating manual tasks, dbtech’s solution drastically reduces paper use, increases efficiency, and saves resources.

For healthcare organizations seeking to optimize their workflows and improve operational efficiency while upholding data security and privacy, our experts at dbtech are happy to connect and explore solutions. Our advanced healthcare workflows can help your organization achieve its objectives while ensuring that your patients receive the best possible care outcomes. Contact our team to learn more today. 

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