Ras Support Scenarios: Thinking Outside The Box to Meet Customer Needs

1 September 2022

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

At dbtech, we take our customer support seriously. (We couldn’t have as many happy customers, for as long as we do, otherwise.)  Not only is our team of experts dedicated to  resolving issues quickly and thoroughly, but we can assist with solutions that are sometimes “outside the box” when it comes to using Ras. In this blog post, we will review some common support scenarios, as well as some not-so-common solutions, that we have helped our customers implement. 

Solving Ras Issues Through Dedicated Support

Even with today’s technology, Ras is subject to some of the same issues that any other document management system faces. Our highly-rated Ras Support Team’s highest priority is to keep your business processes up and running without disruption. . In this section, we will go over some of the most common support scenarios that we see and how dbtech’s team is able to help.

Interruptions in the Ras System

Ras Services are an integral part of timely and efficient processing of all data in and through Ras. It is crucial that these services run without disruption. Unfortunately, at times, the Ras Services are stopped unexpectedly, not because of Ras, but due to external factors such as backups or network interruptions.

In order to ensure that Ras Services remain running and/or are restarted as quickly as possible, the Ras Support Team can set up a Start and Stop Services batch program to run in the Task Scheduler. This will ensure that the Ras Services remain up and running without the need for user intervention.

Custom Report Splitting

Many of our Ras customers have the Custom Splitting workflow automation implemented in their environment. One Ras customer inquired about splitting a specific report title twice, on separate key codes such as “DEPT” and “COST CENTER.” By default, however, the Ras Custom Splitting module only allows users to to set up a Custom Split once per report title.

Here’s where a little creative thinking comes into play. The Ras Support team suggested that the customer copy the main report out of Ras using the Ras Integration workflow automation to a directory where that report could be captured again into Ras. Configure that particular directory to be an additional Ras Capture Source, and force Ras to capture those files with a new report title. On that new report title, the second Custom Split can be configured.

Capturing Email Attachments into Ras

One reason our customers love Ras is because they can capture documents of any file type, and from a variety of sources. The dbtech Support Team recently received an inquiry from one customer about capturing email attachments into Ras. To make this work, we implemented an Outlook script that copies attachments from specific email messages and places those attachments into a Ras capture source for processing. 

HIPAA-Compliant Document Management Solution That Saves Time & Money, Supported by a Highly-Rated Team

The dbtech Support Team parallels dbtech’s software…we provide solutions quickly and effectively. No matter the reason – network interruptions, system limitations, or to assist with a not-so-common solution for managing documents – dbtech is happy to assist so that your organization can continue doing what it does best – render excellent patient care. If you need support from dbtech’s team, don’t hesitate to get in touch as we are always here to help. Call 732-882-0200 to reach a live person, or email us at [email protected].

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