Ras: The Key to Managing Workflows and Increasing Productivity

16 September 2022

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

Ras customers have been realizing the benefits of dbtech’s document management solutions for over 20 years by ensuring necessary workflows are completed on time and in an exacting manner. The fact of the matter is that customers using Ras Workflow Automations save a ton of man-hours. In this blog, we will discuss why Ras is so important for managing workflows and increasing productivity in your organization. 

Ras Saves Valuable Time By Automating a Variety of Manual Processes

Curious to know how much time Ras Automations are, or could be, saving you? The process is actually quite simple. If you want to improve utilization, start by understanding users’ behavior. You should be asking important questions, such as:

  1. Are users printing excessively? If so, what exactly are they printing? 
  2. Are users copying reports from Ras?  Who is copying which reports and why? 
  3. Are users manually running Data Extraction from the Ras User Interface?

You can begin to calculate savings once you determine what users are doing in Ras, if their workflows are automated, or whether or not the workflows can be automated. For instance, how much time would it take an analyst to data-mine a large report and extract its contents to an Excel or database file?  Extracting data, ensuring the output integrity, and delivering the data within moments of capture could easily take an analyst anywhere from ten to thirty minutes.  Now, how many times a year is this report produced? Further, how much time is spent printing or copying documents for delivery to end users? Of course, Ras has options to automate those processes to save even more time. 

Ras in Real-Life: How One Customer Saves Money & Streamlines Workflows   

dbtech recently completed a Ras Usage Analysis for one long-time, high-volume Ras customer. We calculated the ROI based on existing Ras Automations but we were also able to identify potential areas of risk and/or additional opportunity for automation.

The time frame analyzed was between August 2021 and July of 2022.  In this time, the customer captured 277,592 reports from Cerner and Lawson. These reports were viewed by 150 individual users, who generated over 100,000 unique actions. Through these actions, we can see what is being printed, copied, or emailed, and by whom. As for the next step, this customer can consider whether or not any of these actions can be automated with Ras.

Here is where the Automation magic happens! Of these 277,592 reports, there were 67,520 automations, specifically a mix of Email Automation and Data Extraction. Based on conservative estimates, we can calculate that this client is saving 15,000 man-hours per year using Ras Automations. That is the equivalent of 7.2 full time employees! While this customer has a higher-than-average volume of reports going into Ras, it is very common to see a time-savings of at least 2-3 FTEs at any organization using Ras. 

How Much Time Will Ras Save Your Healthcare Organization?

Wondering if there are additional opportunities to have Ras help you save time and money in your organization? Reach out to dbtech Support at 732-882-0200, email them at [email protected], or contact your Account Executive to schedule a Ras Usage Analysis. This is a free service to all Ras Customers that will tell you how much your organization is saving (or could save) by implementing Ras Workflow Automations. We will also provide recommendations on how to further improve efficiencies and protect PHI. Contact us so we can help your team save more time and money with Ras or learn more about the benefits of Ras. 

Happy Ras’ng!

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