Ras For Patient Accounting

Ras is a user-friendly solution that quickly and cost-effectively leverages your technology investment and helps you automatically capture, organize and distribute patient registration, financial and clinical data. You can be live with Ras in under 30 days.

Leverage Your Hospital’s IT with Ras for Patient Accounting

With Ras, electronic patient folders can be set up automatically from an existing HL7 transaction.

Benefits of Ras:

Reduction In AR Days

  • Claims get processed faster, resulting in quicker payment
  • Additional paper requests from payers can be sent immediately from Ras
  • Allows hospitals to implement remote coding by providing web-based access to chart information
  • Charts are coded faster which helps decrease AR days

Decrease In Denials

  • Information is stored electronically and is readily accessible eliminating trips to the file room
  • Accurate data collection
  • Missing registration documents eliminated, reducing AR delays

Notice Of Admission

  • Eliminate manual faxing of NOA
  • Confirmation that the Notice of Admission was sent on time
  • Reduce potential loss of reimbursements due to lack of notification within X hours of admission

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