Cutting Costs and Increasing Efficiency: The Benefits of an Electronic Document Management Solution

2 November 2022

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

Healthcare organizations today face mounting pressure to reduce costs and improve the patient experience while maintaining high levels of efficiency and compliance. dbtech’s electronic document management solutions are designed to help organizations achieve those goals. Our document imaging and document management software solutions, Rasi and eFolders, are easy to use and save your organization time and money. In this blog post, we review the various benefits of dbtech’s electronic document management solutions and how they can help your healthcare organization improve performance.

How to Best Leverage dbtech’s eFolders & Rasi Solutions

Electronic document management software like eFolders and Rasi can help your healthcare organization save time and money while improving efficiency and compliance. Data is fed into Rasi and/or eFolders, allowing for the automatic, and real-time, creation of electronic folders. From there, documents can be scanned into those folders or captured electronically from any source, and are then indexed into the respective electronic folder. These solutions are easy to install, configure, and use, and are entirely scalable. Each solution serves varying needs, so it is important to understand how Rasi and/or eFolders can best support your organization’s needs.

When it comes to a patient-centric document management solution, dbtech’s Rasi application is the best choice for healthcare organizations. Designed for either single- or multi-facility healthcare organizations, Rasi integrates with all EHR and HIS systems and doesn’t require substantial modification to existing workflows. Rasi is commonly used in Patient Access Services as part of the admitting and registration process, and in Patient Financial Services within the Revenue Cycle process. However, many of dbtech’s customers also use Rasi in patient care areas, as Rasi is the perfect foundation for building a downtime solution

eFolders is great for interdepartmental use, and can even serve industries other than healthcare. eFolders allows an organization to create electronic folders that have a wide range of departmental uses and workflows.. Departments including Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Contract Management, Provider Credentialing, and Materials Management are already increasing productivity and saving costs by using dbtech’s eFolders document management solution.

Exceeding Industry Standards with Electronic Document Management

dbtech’s document management solutions are a proven technology for meeting industry standards, especially when it comes to HIPAA compliance. Access to information within the applications is role-based, and all documents and database tables are encrypted. Further, these applications maintain audit logs for all actions. These combined ensure the utmost confidentiality and security.

dbtech’s solutions integrate with any other platform, making it even easier to implement and maintain. Patient-centric folders in Rasi are created via HL7 transactions, while folders in eFolders are created by any formatted text feed. Documents can be imported into or exported from either of our solutions, eliminating paper and additional manual workflows. Data can be archived in our in system to ensure your healthcare organization complies with industry standards on retention policies.

dbtech: Serving the Healthcare Industry with Proven Solutions for Over 2 Decades

At dbtech, we have over 20 years of experience helping organizations streamline their document management workflows. Our team of experts will help you implement electronic document management solutions that are flexible and can meet all your organization’s unique needs. To learn more about how dbtech can help you streamline your document management processes, contact us today.

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