Streamline Your Records with Electronic Folders (eFolders)

5 April 2022


Electronic records, also called digital files, are a proven asset for businesses and organizations. They reduce reliance on paper materials, improve security for sensitive data, and allow access to critical information from different geographic locations. While some paper documents may still be needed, storing documents electronically provides significant benefits. 

But how does an organization wrangle digital files into a single, organized structure and permit secure access to them? 

Electronic folders are software solutions designed to manage electronic records. They provide structure for storing digital files, security for customer, employee, or patient data, automate workflows, and many other benefits.

Benefits of Electronic Folders

Paperless, electronic folders help organizations store and protect digital files. Documents can be scanned into folders or captured from virtually any source and automatically filed in the correct folder. Electronic folders benefit several different departments–not just those focused on patient care. Other departments using electronic folders include Human Resources, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Payroll, Physician Credentialing, Corporate Donations and much more.

Electronic folders provide several benefits to organizations:

  • Provide timely and organized access to records collected and stored on paper, or digitized, named, and stored on network drive space
  • Secure digital data and ensure privacy
  • Protect sensitive information from physical harm, such as fire or water damage
  • Track every action a user performs on a file, such as open, view, print, etc.
  • Aggregate data from all internal platforms into a singular view
  • Ensure adherence to retention policies
  • Automate workflows, such as document approval
  • Integrate and save electronic forms with quality input controls, such as Disciplinary Action Forms for Human Resources or a Payment Form in an Accounts Receivable check collection process
  • Grant privileged access to certain users so they can quickly and easily share documents with other users
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce paper use

dbtech’s eFolders solution provides a way to organize digital files and streamline workflows. The solution is easy to install with minimal IT involvement, uses a comprehensive yet flexible security structure, and includes HIPAA-compliant encryption for all data and documents.

Custom Benefits from eFolders

Healthcare organizations face strict requirements when storing documents. The type of data, as well as the retention policies, often vary by department, making it difficult to organize the data. The eFolders platform is easy to configure to meet individual departmental needs. Below are just a few examples of how healthcare organizations benefit from dbtech’s eFolders solution.

Collect and Digitize Patient Info in Real Time

At the point of registration, scan patient documents such as insurance cards, identification, and consent forms directly into eFolders. Those documents are then available to others within the organization in real time, and they can be exported to other systems, including the EHR. This eliminates the need to photocopy and later scan paper documents into the EHR. 

Save Administrative Time and Ensure Compliance

A healthcare organization can use eFolders to collect and store required documents for its intern program. The number of documents required for each intern is immense. It can be difficult to determine which documents have been collected and which are missing. With eFolders, users can quickly scan the list of interns and immediately see which individuals may be missing critical documentation. This cuts administrative time significantly and helps the organization adhere to compliance regulations.

Streamline Human Resource Workflows

dbtech’s eFolders solution is used to store employee documentation. This includes on-boarding documents, certifications, performance evaluations and even benefits- and payroll-related information. With eFolders, employee data is stored securely and accessed interdepartmentally, by only those team members granted proper access.

One Platform Delivers Results with Electronic Folders

An affordable solution, dbtech’s eFolders typically cost less than off-site retention services and provide the functionality needed to manage digital files. With eFolders, customers can import or link any report or document to an eFolders record. This makes it possible to connect data from all internal platforms into a singular view.

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