Innovative Uses for eFolders in Healthcare Organizations

12 May 2023

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

In an era of rapid digital transformation, it’s essential to think beyond traditional uses when it comes to leveraging technology in healthcare. In the case of eFolders, a robust forms management system, there are several innovative applications and benefits.

Electronic folders (eFolders) are becoming an increasingly common document management software solution in healthcare facilities. Offering more than just the usual advantages of a standard filing system, eFolders can help healthcare organizations transform how they use and manage their data.

This post will discuss everyday use cases for eFolders, and the more unique ways we’ve seen them utilized. We’ll also discuss the differentiators of dbtech’s eFolder solution that make it a compelling choice for healthcare organizations seeking to streamline workflows.

eFolders Surpass the Need for Tradition Forms Management Systems

eFolders are more than just a forms management system for basic HR and Accounts Payable needs. Beyond these common use cases, however, eFolders can revolutionize how administrative documents are collected and managed.

Suppose a healthcare facility’s HR department needed to collect and manage employee health records. With an eFolder system, all the necessary documents can be securely stored in one central repository, allowing for simple retrieval and easy updates to pertinent information.

With the ability to streamline the credentialing process and maintain up-to-date employee health records, eFolders provide easy access to critical information for healthcare organizations. Embracing eFolders at your facility can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall healthcare operations.

How Healthcare Organizations Can Maximize their eFolders Solution

By leveraging eFolders, healthcare organizations can streamline their administrative processes and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. As a document management solution, eFolders can help optimize workflows by providing a centralized location for all relevant documents, which can be accessed by appropriate parties quickly and securely. 

With the ability to customize workflows to meet specific organizational needs, healthcare organizations can maximize their eFolders solutions to improve operational efficiency and deliver better patient care. Here are some use cases we’ve seen for eFolders in healthcare organizations:

Electronic Employee Folders for Human Resources

Capture employee reports and payroll data electronically, scan paper resumes, and create electronic onboarding forms. 

Accounts Payable Documentation 

Instead of employee folders, they can be vendor folders. Scan invoices, remittances, POs or capture electronically. Set workflow approval rules on documents.

Physician Credentialing & Employee Health 

Like dbtech’s patient Rasi system, eFolders’ use cases are specific to healthcare employees. This can include tracking items like physician credentialing and employee health documentation such as vaccination records if required.

Key Differentiators of dbtech’s eFolders 

What sets dbtech’s eFolders apart from competing document management solutions? To start, our solution is built with the back office in mind and designed to advance healthcare workflows by minimizing IT intervention. With automatic integration, indexing, and linking of documents and metadata to your organization’s IT applications, eFolders streamlines administrative processes from start to finish.

Moreover, eFolders never compromise on compliance and HIPAA security measures. They allow for controlled access to account-specific information, ensuring that confidential information is seen only by authorized individuals. Further bolstering its compliance, eFolders are ideal for contract management, making it easier for staff to stay on top of terms and renewals.

With dbtech’s eFolders, healthcare organizations can trust that their data is safeguarded while maintaining workflows and operational efficiency. eFolders can even be customized with add-ons to expand its capabilities further. This includes Smartlinks, which enable easy integration of document types from other platforms, which allows for real-time updates to documentation.

dbtech: Your Go-To Source for Comprehensive eFolders Solutions 

dbtech’s team comprises professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the healthcare space. This makes us a trusted resource for healthcare organizations seeking comprehensive document management solutions like our eFolders. Our experts will help you maximize operational workflows while ensuring your organization has all the tools and support needed to deliver better patient care.

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