Uptime vs. Downtime: Why You Should Use eForms All The Time

13 July 2022

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

In previous blogs, we have focused on the many reasons to use electronic forms, or an eForms solution, during a downtime event. In reality, there are a greater number of benefits to using such a solution during “uptime”, when systems and networks are intact and running smoothly.

In this blog we will discuss how healthcare organizations can benefit from incorporating an eForms solution into their everyday workflow. A few of those benefits include the accurate and timely collection of patient information, ensuring and maintaining compliance, and increasing revenue as well as patient satisfaction. We will discuss why healthcare practices can benefit from using eForms during uptime and how they can help your healthcare facility stay compliant and avoid costly mistakes.

Downtime vs Uptime

To anyone working in the healthcare space, the term downtime should be very familiar. Whether downtime is planned or unplanned, it can pose obstacles to healthcare practices especially when it comes to collecting critical patient data. Using an eForms solution is a great workaround for this, as it acts as an extension to your EHR and provides redundancy when networks are down.

When it comes to uptime, or when networks are running smoothly, healthcare facilities tend to retreat back to using paper forms if they only have an electronic solution for downtime events. Organizations that use electronic forms only during downtime events are not realizing the greater benefit of an eForms solution. eForms is not just a contingency plan. An eForms solution can replace most, if not all, of an organization’s paper forms inventory  and eliminates the common issues that paper forms can present. 

Advantages of Using eForms All The Time 

An eForms solution  is proven to help improve workflow processes. Relying on paper forms can present many challenges to healthcare providers, regardless of uptime or downtime. From skyrocketing paper and operating costs, to lingering compliance issues , the cons for paper forms begin to outweigh the pros. So, what are some of the advantages that eForms have over paper and why are they a better solution even during uptime?

Creation and Customization

eForms allows organizations to tailor forms to their specific needs without  the cost of redesigning and reprinting  paper forms. 

Ability to Streamline Data Entry

eForms has the ability to streamline data entry by collecting patient information from HL7 messages and  auto-populating forms with that patient data. The manual, and sometimes inaccurate, process of collecting patient info is eliminated. 

Increases Compliance with Comprehensive Security

An eForms solution  provides comprehensive security to help maintain compliance with HIPAA and other standards in the healthcare industry. By minimizing the risk of error and protecting data from the view of unauthorized parties, providers can ensure the privacy of patient data at all times.

Any and All Paper Forms Can be Made Electronic

With eForms, common forms can be created electronically including consent forms, registration forms, wristbands, labels, clinical forms, financial forms and more.

Why eForms with dbtech?

Eliminating paper-based inefficiencies is why eForms is starting to become a steadfast solution for healthcare facilities. With dbtech, achieving the perfect eForms solution has never been easier.  

dbtech uses familiar and user-friendly tools such as Adobe to create, read, and fill out forms. In addition, Ras integrates with virtually any other system so the importing and exporting of documents is easy and in real-time. With the ability to automatically print sets of forms locally or remotely, dbtech’s eform solution is all-encompassing and can replace your existing paper form inventory  almost entirely. dbtech’s eForms solution helps to improve workflow processes, ensure accuracy of patient information, and maintain compliance with industry standards – all while providing a contingency plan for when networks go down. Get in touch with one of our experts to learn why making the transition to eForm’s will help your healthcare facility run smoother than ever before.

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