4 Tips for Selecting an eForms Vendor

21 January 2021

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

eForms improve patient satisfaction for less than the cost of a full-time registrar.

Are you intrigued?
How about reducing registration throughput by 10-20 minutes?
Oh?  Have I got your attention now?
eForms is the solution, but how do you compare vendors?

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Patient registrations last around 30 minutes, with 10-20 minutes devoted to completing waivers, releases and other documents.
What if this could be completed before the patient arrives?
By integrating your EMR’s Patient Portal with your Forms vendor (hopefully dbtech), you can complete waivers, releases and other forms before the patient arrives. Best practice is to continue using your EMR’s patient portal, but enhance it with your eForms solution.
Were you just yawning?  I get it.  Patients have not been clamoring to use Portals, but patient participation has been increasing and adoption will increase as EMR vendors add additional functionality to their portals.
Patient Portals enhanced with pre-registration eforms will improve workflows and increase both patient and employee satisfaction.

Look for vendors that integrate with your EMR’s Patient Portal.

Ditch the Paper and Ink

Paper and ink are old-school.  Electronic Forms (eForms) are quickly becoming critical to modern business practices.  Was the last time you signed a paper form at a car dealership or while refinancing a loan?   Guess what?  Your next car or home purchase will probably be paperless.
Will the next time your patient arrives onsite be different too?  It can be.
eForms removes the clutter and stagnation of hard-copy paper environments and replaces it with a paperless EHR that works for everyone.
Patients will consider your business practices archaic when they compare your paper-laden workflows with the rest of the world.
You know what will impress your patients?  Getting them out of registration in 10 minutes as opposed to 30, and eForms directly improves registration throughput.

Look for a solution that creates wristbands, labels AND paperless eForms.

All Solutions are Not Created Equal

Some vendor solutions are very comprehensive, meaning they will do all of the work for you. This is a great solution if staff bandwidth is narrow, but a small price tag on the front-end usually means greater professional services arrangements later.
Some vendors place all responsibility for creating and modifying forms on their customers.  This is a common arrangement, but can be muddied when the vendor uses proprietary tools. Over time eForms solutions with proprietary tools are used less, modifications are delayed and everyone suffers because the knowledge base has moved on or has weakened from lack of practice.
Select an eForms vendor who uses common tools, like MS Word or Adobe.  When the management of your eForms solution is easy to perform it WILL be performed.  When it’s hard, well…time will quickly turn your solution into incomprehensible Latin.

Find a vendor that matches your available personnel bandwidth.

Happiness is a Warm Smile

Patient satisfaction is great, but personnel satisfaction is the cherry on top.
A happy staff is a productive staff, and a registrar who can admit 3-5 patients an hour as opposed to 2 is way more productive.  When your patient intake process removes manual and redundant steps for everyone, user adoption becomes quick and painless across the board. Most importantly, word of a great patient experience spreads fast – giving your healthcare organization a valuable reputation as a great work environment and even better care provider.
Dbtech customers will typically describe eForms with a smile. This is because we improve their work experience and make work more enjoyable.

Select a vendor that makes employees smile!


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