Enhancing Workflows for Patient Access & Registration Departments

2 October 2023

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

The healthcare industry in the United States is a massive enterprise, costing approximately $4 trillion yearly, with a significant chunk going towards administrative spending. In fact, almost 25% of that total is allocated for administrative tasks. However, hospitals can reduce this cost with advanced workflow automation technology while simplifying departments like patient access and registration.

The Benefits of Workflow Automation in Patient Access & Registration

Leveraging workflows for patient access and registration entails numerous benefits, first and foremost, an improved patient experience. Patients spend less time waiting in line since the registration/check-in process is smooth, making it an overall more satisfactory experience.

There are also cost savings to be had by optimizing workflows. Having robust workflows can bring revenue cycle benefits by decreasing the number of denials since documentation is completed accurately and all pertinent information is present.

Using Electronic Forms with Document Workflows

Electronic forms (eForms) solutions are ideal for hospitals seeking to enhance their workflows and fill in process gaps. The best eForms solutions have a required document workflow that ensures the proper information is collected every time. 

Additionally, the ability to set alerts, like if the last signed consent for a patient is over a year old, allows for greater visibility for staff. Moreover, document workflows and approvals simplify staff operations, ensuring they only see the information they need.

How Process Automation Streamlines Patient Access & Registration

Process automation is a highly recommended workflow solution implementation that can simplify patient access and registration tasks. By integrating capabilities like eSignature capture and document workflow automation, process automation helps securely send reports or extracted data wherever it needs to go. As a result, manual tasks can be eliminated, allowing departments to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Within the patient access department, document retrieval is effectively simplified with process automation. Required documents, like patient registration eForms, are readily available and easily accessible, while discharge instructions can also be automatically printed out as an electronic form.

Similarly, patient registration can benefit from automation. Armbands and wristbands can print automatically when a new patient registers, printing precisely where they need to be. These valuable features ensure patients receive their registered identification bracelets efficiently and timely, saving them time and hassle.

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Using workflow automation to simplify and streamline patient access and registration departments can dramatically improve the patient experience while reducing costs. The efficiencies provide valuable benefits, reducing administrative costs and increasing revenue. With electronic forms, document workflows, and process automation, dbtech can help hospitals achieve these targets quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us today and start streamlining your hospital’s patient registration process. 

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