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4 Tips for Selecting an eForms Vendor

eForms improve patient satisfaction for less than the cost of a full-time registrar. Are you intrigued? How about reducing registration throughput by 10-20 minutes? Oh?  Have I got your attention now? eForms is the solution, but how do you compare vendors? The Early Bird Catches the Worm Patient registrations last...

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10th Annual DV/NJHIMSS Conference

  Dbtech will present at the 10th Annual DV/NJHIMSS Conference Oct 4th–6th at Harrah’s Resort Hotel & Casino Atlantic City NJ. Join dbtech at booth 406 to discuss our healthcare solutions, and raffle off a Holy Stone Drone with HD Camera! This year we proudly present dbtech’s Downtime Solutions. Our...

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Dollars & Sense

  By failing to prepare for EHR downtime events, you are planning to fail. I have written extensively regarding financial benefits related to properly planning for EHR & Network downtime events. We’ve discussed how EMR downtimes and the use of paper registration forms prolong registration processes by 20 minutes. These...

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You’ve Got Mailware

If you’re anything like me you live in your email’s inbox However, this awesome convenience used incorrectly can damage your organization financially and degrade your public brand. Most hospitals share patient and corporate financial data via email for internal use. Your C-suite leaders may dismiss this claim because there are...

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Dbtech Downtime Solutions Video

Hooray!! This week we finished our first Downtime Solutions video! For those who rather read, dbtech has announced April 15, 2017 as the official release date for our Downtime Solution. Features include: Access to in-house patient data on pre-determined Downtime Workstations Ability to register new patients AND access your MPI...

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My Dinner with Downtime

Andre could see sickness wash over Wally’s face as he asked, “How much did we pay for our EMR?” Wally was hired as CIO to help Mercy Hospital prepare for their epic EMR implementation. Their vendor selection was safe yet contentious and ruled by typical political tribes. Soon after the...

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Enhanced Informed Consent & eForms

  As we abruptly return from our holiday cocoons and re-emerge into 2017, let’s consider some ways to serve our customers. Your customers are your patients, and my customers are…you! Right around the time I was experiencing a turkey overdose (ICD10 code T78.1), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services...

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A Pic May Save Your Pick List

In a recently published DHHS paper, “Report on the Safe Use of Pick Lists in Ambulatory Care Settings”, providers were presented various recommendations to reduce order entry errors. One of the more significant DHHS recommendations was the assertion that patient photos in tandem with the EMR’s order verification screens will...

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The EMR will be inaccessible tomorrow. Please use Downtime Procedures.

BY GREG PARK An email with this title is dreaded by hospital employees, especially when staff are blindsided by unscheduled downtimes that leave them struggling to access patient histories or collect new data. Your hospital, along with every modern healthcare provider, depends on the collection and accessibility of reliable and...

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eForms Hocus Pocus

  In our last blog we discussed the value of eForms and JavaScripts, and how to automatically value a text field with the date and time a digital signature was applied. We then introduced the ability to design field logic to secure information security and privacy within your eForms. I...

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