by DB Technology

The Search for Data is Over with Ras Archiving

What is Ras Archiving? Data accessibility is absolutely critical to the ongoing operations of any organization. So, what happens when data is scattered across systems, misplaced, or only available on paper? Aside from causing endless frustration, searching for unarchived data can waste time, money, and potentially compromise sensitive data.  Ras,...

by Cally Kobza

6 Critical Reasons to Implement an Electronic Downtime Solution

Downtime for Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and computer networks is inevitable and unavoidable, due to a variety of circumstances, including software updates, hardware failures and ransomware. Downtime may be scheduled or unscheduled, and may affect only one system, but it can also be as catastrophic as an entire network...

by DB Technology

Planned vs Unplanned Downtime

How Your Healthcare Facility Can Plan Either Way When downtime occurs at your hospital, it can be challenging to recover. Whether it’s planned or unplanned downtime, there are items that need to be taken care of in order for your healthcare facility to continue operating  as fully and efficiently as...

by Susan Leid

New Functionality in Ras 3.706 Release

The dbtech team is thrilled to announce the release of Ras 3.706. This new release includes updates to dbtech’s Ras Manager, Rasi, and Downtime Solution.  Highlights in Ras 3.706 While there are many feature changes in this release, the list below highlights just a few of the exciting improvements or...

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