New Functionality in Ras 3.706 Release

13 May 2022


The dbtech team is thrilled to announce the release of Ras 3.706. This new release includes updates to dbtech’s Ras Manager, Rasi, and Downtime Solution

Highlights in Ras 3.706

While there are many feature changes in this release, the list below highlights just a few of the exciting improvements or additions.

Ras Manager

  • No More Downtime – dbtech built Ras 3.706 for the future. With this release, all subsequent updates can be performed without causing a downtime event for users. Customers no longer need to wait for the next major upgrade; instead, dbtech will provide customers with updates as they are released.
  • Stronger Patient Health Information (PHI) Protections – dbtech has always provided customers with insight into which documents contained PHI to allow for monitoring user actions in sensitive reports. PHI protections have “leveled-up” with Ras 3.706. This release includes a new User Right called “Release PHI”. If it is unchecked, users cannot print, copy or email Ras documents marked as containing PHI. 
  • Better Communication with Users – With Ras 3.706, Ras Manager can broadcast messages to all users, specific users, or users of Ras and/or Rasi based on a schedule you configure.
  • More Capture Capabilities – Ras has always captured Excel worksheets, but you had to send a corresponding RFI file that contained the spreadsheet’s metadata. While this method is still available, a new method allows you to capture Excel files without RFI files.  With 3.706, you can identify the metadata based on the filename of the captured document. This reduces complexity when capturing output from financial applications, such as PeopleSoft and Infor. 
  • Flexibility in Management Reports – Scheduling for Ras Management Reports is now much more robust, providing greater flexibility to schedule reports throughout the day. 


  • Automated Emails to Patients – This is an exciting new feature that permits Rasi customers to set up new workflows to push any individually captured document to a specific email address, but more importantly to an email address found in the Rasi Account data. This means that Rasi customers can collect the email addresses from their clients and have Rasi send any number of documents to them automatically. This is a powerful new feature for dbtech Rasi customers!

Downtime Solutions

Now available, the following new Downtime Workstation options are specific to a Network Downtime event:

  • Master Locations – These locations can alter any data within the Downtime UI.  Previously all patients accessible at the start of a network downtime event were read-only, but a Master Location can make changes to any Patient Folder or Document fields. After the downtime event concludes, the downtime services send all changes made on the Master Location to the main Rasi database and then to the EHR in HL7 format.
  • No-Collect Locations – The flip side of the Master location is a no-collect location.  These workstations have all the privileges of a Master Location but do not communicate any changes back to the EHR. These workstations create wristbands, labels, and other required Admission forms.
  • Downtime Number Management – The EHR periodically sends downtime numbers for registering new patients to the Ras Account and MRN during a Downtime event.  System managers can now allocate ranges of these numbers to each downtime workstation or choose not to use downtime numbers on locations at all. 

Learn More About Ras 3.706 

This latest Ras release has even more functionality available to provide consistent themes, add efficiencies to logging out users, expedite the purge process, offer robust queries, and much more. Based on user feedback, we have designed this release to meet the unique needs of dbtech customers.

The professionals at dbtech are prepared to help you take control of your documents and data, while working within your budget. Whether you’re looking for a new solution or you’re a current dbtech customer, we would love to show you the new features available in this latest release. Give us a call today to book a quick strategy call or schedule your upgrade. 

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