Unlock Maximum Efficiency for Patient Registration with eForms

23 March 2023

AUTHORED BY: Cally Kobza

The patient registration process is one of the most important aspects in  healthcare.. This process can be time-consuming and inefficient if you use paper forms. dbtech’s eForms software can help improve and streamline this process for your facility. eForms allow you to collect patient information electronically, which makes data entry faster and more accurate. eForms also help reduce the paperwork that needs to be filed, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Increasing Patient Satisfaction Scores with Streamlined Patient Registration

eForms effectively simplify the patient registration process. Patients can quickly complete registration forms without sacrificing accuracy by pre-populating patient data and eliminating the need for manual entry. In addition to saving time, this streamlined process helps reduce errors and create a more efficient patient registration experience.

Additionally,  custom forms can be created that will display different text based on criteria that has been selected. For example, if a user has surgical consent, the procedure can be selected in a drop-down menu, and different procedures could have other instructions for the patient to read.

eForms enable healthcare organizations to deliver a better overall experience for their patients. Patients can complete the registration process quickly and easily without the hassle of paperwork, in turn leading to reduced wait times and increased efficiency.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry with Patient Registration Forms

dbtech’s eForms technology streamlines the patient registration process by eliminating manual keying of data and providing accurate, auto-populated forms. It also increases collaboration among multiple staff members by allowing them to view the same document simultaneously. Staff can even view patient forms remotely if they have the proper credentials to do so.

By utilizing information from the EHR or patient registration system, manual re-keying of data can be eliminated. Your existing HL7 transactions can be used allowing, patients to no longer have to enter all of their demographic and other information – it will appear on the form automatically.

eForms increase collaboration for multiple staff members as they can view the same patient form simultaneously. Moreover, completed forms can be returned to the EHR in real time for patient charts. Discrete data elements from electronic documents can also be extracted and sent to other systems so providers can take action when needed.

dbtech: Defining the Future of Patient Registration 

Patient registration has a significant impact on overall patient satisfaction in healthcare organizations. For this reason, dbtech has developed a reliable solution to streamline your organization’s patient registration process, saving time and money and enhancing collaboration across staff members. Our customizable eForms system allows you to design forms according to your patient population and provides a secure platform to capture and store data.

When it comes to driving efficiency in healthcare organizations, dbtech is the obvious choice. Get in touch with us today and see how our eForms solution can help streamline your patient registration process.

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