The Search for Data is Over with Ras Archiving

27 May 2022

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

What is Ras Archiving?

Data accessibility is absolutely critical to the ongoing operations of any organization. So, what happens when data is scattered across systems, misplaced, or only available on paper? Aside from causing endless frustration, searching for unarchived data can waste time, money, and potentially compromise sensitive data. 

Ras, or Report Archiving System, is a document archiving solution that provides long term  storage of electronic files. It is an easy and cost effective way to store and access your data. Files can come from a variety of sources, such as financial systems (patient billing or general finance), administrative systems (HR or payroll), or clinical systems (EHR, lab, or radiology). Ras accepts data in just about any format, including text, PDF, scanned images, XLS/XLSX, csv, and dat. 

How Does Archiving Documents With Ras Work?

Imagine one centralized repository that captures any document that exists either on paper or electronically. How much time would you save searching for critical data? 

As a robust scanning and archiving solution, Ras can capture documents from a number of sources. Paper documents can be scanned into the system. Electronic documents can be captured by way of virtual printing, or by saving, copying, or using an FTP process to deliver files to a network share where Ras can pick them up and complete the archive process.

From there, Ras uses a process that involves pattern matching to pull critical information such as patient number, employee number, department, report date, etc. Using that data, Ras indexes the documents into virtual folders, where they are stored securely and easily retrieved. As an added layer of protection, Ras user accounts are role-based. Not only are users granted access to specific documents, but they may even be restricted to the actions that can be performed, such as view, print, copy, etc.

The Advantages of Archiving Documents With Ras 

Using Ras to archive your documents provides significant time and cost savings. Some ways that our existing customers already benefit from using Ras:

  • Reduce the cost of support for multiple applications that run on many servers. Ras can store all your documents in one place and on one server.
  • Eliminate the manual retrieval of paper documents by digitizing them.
  • Stay in compliance with regard to retention policies. Avoid penalties associated with unsuccessful audits.
  • Automate document lifecycle management. No more manual purges. 
  • Take advantage of other workflow automations that Ras offers.

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