Why dbtech’s Solutions Outperform Paper-Based Workflows in Hospitals

15 March 2024

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

Efficient patient care in healthcare heavily relies on operational workflows. Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems have revolutionized data management, enhancing processes and reducing errors. Nonetheless, EHR downtime can cause operational disruptions, which ultimately impede patient care. Studies from the American Journal of Managed Care indicate that EHR downtime may raise the risk of medication errors by up to 30%. 

During downtime incidents, the shift back to paper-based processes can undo EHR progress, leading to delays, inaccuracies, and significant repercussions on patient care. Today, we’re exploring five effective EHR downtime features to ensure seamless healthcare services.

5 Areas That EHR Downtime Impacts

Here are the five key areas where dbtech’s EHR downtime solution stands out against the inefficiencies of traditional paper-based workflows:

1. Electronic Workflows

Modern hospital operations are built around electronic workflows that can be orchestrated and maintained with precision. During EHR system downtime, dbtech’s solutions enable access to electronic workflows via eForms, ensuring smooth continuity and efficiency in hospital operations. This provides a seamless experience that surpasses the limitations of paper-based protocols.

2. Patient Data Collection

Accurate and timely patient data collection is vital for informed decision-making. With dbtech’s solutions, this data is captured and exported to EHR systems efficiently, maintaining the integrity of information. This is in contrast with paper-based data collection, which is inherently more error-prone and requires manual input into digital systems after the fact.

3. Data Entry

Manual data entry is not only time-consuming, but also introduces the risk of inaccuracies. However, dbtech’s downtime solution eliminates the tediousness of manual data entry, enabling users to input data directly into electronic systems and ensure a seamless flow of information. 

4. Paper Documentation

Relying on physical documents in a hospital setting can lead to critical information being lost or misplaced. By scanning and digitizing important patient documents, dbtech’s solution offers a reliable means of storing and retrieving data during downtime events.

5. Downtime Recovery

dbtech’s solution significantly reduces recovery time after an EHR downtime event. With immediate access to electronic records, the system facilitates rapid system restoration by electronically exporting all relevant data to their designated systems following the downtime event.  Paper-based recovery, on the other hand, can take several hours or even days, leading to prolonged operational challenges.

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dbtech’s EHR downtime solutions offer a robust alternative to traditional paper-based workflows, providing seamless operational continuity in hospitals. These solutions are created to enhance patient care while ensuring data integrity and efficiency, making them indispensable to various healthcare facilities.

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