Going Paperless: How to Maximize Your eForms Solution

25 July 2023

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

The healthcare industry is quickly embracing the power of electronic forms solutions to streamline operations and reduce administrative work. By eliminating paper-based processes, organizations can free up resources and focus on care continuity.

dbtech’s electronic form solutions help healthcare organizations maximize the use of their eForms, from patient registration to other administrative tasks, by optimizing data accuracy and increasing operational efficiency. This blog post will discuss various use cases showing how dbtech has helped healthcare organizations optimize their eForms solution and maximize its potential.

Ways to Maximize Electronic Form Solutions at Your Healthcare Organization

As healthcare extends to the digital realm, e-forms have become a staple for clinical documentation. However, maximizing the potential of healthcare eForms requires more than just going paperless. To optimize workflows and make data-driven decisions, healthcare organizations must ensure eForms are dynamic, and gather patient feedback. 

Additionally, eliminating paper from departments can streamline processes, from surgical consents to forms at patient registration. To further maximize electronic form solutions, healthcare organizations can work with our experts to ensure best practices are implemented and identify areas for cost savings.

Here are the top three ways to maximize your eForms solution, according to our team:

  1. Dynamic eForms
  2. Eliminate paper-based documentation
  3. Workflow Automation 

Example Use Cases for eForms in Healthcare Settings

Our customers have seen success with dbtech’s eForms solution by tailoring it to their unique organizational needs, coupled with our workflow automation software, Ras. One client reported seeing significant results in eForms usage, while others implemented innovative uses regarding downtime solutions. Those who have harnessed eForms’ EHR integration capabilities have further driven efficiency and reduced workflow errors. 

Here are some example use cases of ways healthcare organizations leverage electronic forms:

Maximizing the Use of eForms in All Areas of Patient Registration 

A hospital we work with implemented eForms within their admissions department and quickly realizedits value. For this reason, they expanded their use to all registration areas, including clinical documentation and e-consents.

Thanks to dbtech’s dynamic forms feature, the hospital could create intelligent and efficient forms that adjusted themselves based on patient information selected, streamlining registration processes and improving accuracy. Furthermore, the forms were tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

By incorporating dbtech’s scanning capabilities, necessary patient documentation such as driver’s licenses and insurance cards were seamlessly integrated into the eForms module. This resulted in seamless clinical documentation workflows while effectively maximizing their use of eForms in all patient registration areas.

Leveraging Workflow Automation with eForms for the Surgical Consent Process 

Another area where this hospital has seen significant improvements is in the surgical consent process, where eForms capture patient information and trigger the dynamic surgical consent. Thanks to implementing dbtech’s workflow automation solution, Ras, providers at this organization can now leverage eForms to manage this process more efficiently.

Patients arriving for surgical procedures now register with eForms, which capture vital information and trigger the dynamic surgical consent process based on the specific procedure needed. The system seamlessly facilitates eSignature capture and collects all relevant details, exporting them to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) alongside other scanned documents, such as patient identification. With eForms, necessary clinical documentation is readily accessible to surgical teams.

Overall, leveraging the eForms solution across multiple registration areas while incorporating dynamic eForms, scanning, and workflow automation, the hospital could streamline workflows, improve data accuracy and care coordination, and provide instant access to essential information.

Healthcare eForms in Downtime

Nurse rounding and other clinical forms have become invaluable during EHR downtime. With eForms, healthcare professionals can record vital signs, document medications that have been dispensed, perform care tasks, and address patient concerns during downtime scenarios. 

Compared to paper forms, electronic records ensure that valuable patient data is preserved and always makes it to the EHR. It is healthcare providers’ most innovative and efficient solution to ensure patient safety and care continuity during technological disruptions.

dbtech: Proven Solutions to Maximize Your Healthcare eForms

Healthcare organizations should be empowered with the right tools to maximize their care potential. Our eForms solution helps to increase efficiency, reduce administrative work, and improve patient safety while helping you to leverage powerful workflow automation capabilities. 

Whether it’s creating dynamic forms for patient registration or streamlining clinical documentation processes, our eForms solution has the tools you need to make the most out of your healthcare organization.

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