Gain Seamless Access to Critical Patient Data During EHR Downtime

Uninterrupted access to critical patient data during EHR downtime is vital for ongoing operations in healthcare. Our real-time access to patient data means you can stay up and running during system or network downtime while ensuring quick, seamless recovery.

dbtech’s Document Management System Features & Benefits

Easy Paperless Registration

Document Management for Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH & Other EHRs

Solutions for Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH & Other EHRs

Minimize Paper Use in Every Department

Electronic Forms for Every Department

Document Management Services Trusted By Over 300 Institutions

Discover the benefits of dbtech’s document management services.

  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction
  • Mitigate Risks and Maximize Patient Safety
  • Free Up Staff Time
  • Automate Workflows
  • Improve Accuracy and Eliminate Errors

Explore dbtech’s Fully Integrated Document Management System

The most reliable solutions in healthcare are also the easiest to integrate with your existing EHR and other systems. We have a proven track record of seamless integration with leading systems including:

Easy Patient Registration With Rasi & eForms

dbtech customers can take advantage of a quicker patient registration process without having to deal with an endless inventory of paper forms. dbtech’s paperless registration solution is quick and easy to implement, and can handle your consent forms, wristbands, labels, releases, and more.


  • Forms automatically populate with data from the EHR
  • Signed forms are automatically saved in the EHR
  • Ability to create and modify your own forms
  • Supports dynamic interactive electronic forms so one form can handle multiple use cases
  • Supports contactless registration

Always Be Prepared With dbtech’s Network Downtime Solutions

Downtime events can be inevitable. EHR systems go down, networks go down, and ransomware attacks happen without warning.

But, with dbtech’s rapid recovery downtime solution, your EHR can be electronically updated with downtime registration data, forms data, and images saving you time and money.


  • Eliminates errors associated with manually re-keying information by using HL7
  • Access critical patient data at all levels of your institution
  • Electronically register patients with quality controls and access to your patient history
  • Print wristband, forms, releases, consents, and labels
  • Scan & eSign electronic forms based on your own design

Our Comprehensive Document Management Suite Saves You Time & Resources

dbtech’s document management solutions help healthcare professionals get the right information to the right person at the right time.

Ras’s multifunctional capabilities render it the Swiss Army knife of document management. Archive reports, forms, EDI, documents and other data from all of your other applications while saving valuable time by automating your manual processes.

The best way to organize all of your documents by department, eFolders automatically integrates data from Epic, Lawson, and other systems, and allows you to define approval and processing workflows.

eForms enable you to easily replace paper documents, saving you money. Users receive full control over data entered into forms, document approval support, electronic signatures, photos, barcodes, and more. 

Learn Why dbtech is the Preferred Choice for Document Management Services

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