3 Lines of Defense: dbtech Protects Data with These Features

27 January 2023

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

Healthcare organizations have an obligation to protect patient privacy when handling confidential data. That’s why dbtech has implemented several security features into our document management solutions that will help secure private health information and maintain compliance. This post will discuss three of the most essential security features dbtech offers.

HIPAA Compliant Document Management System Features

dbtech’s document management software is primarily used in healthcare settings. As such, we ensure we are in alignment with compliance guidelines set out by HIPAA. We offer the following tools and features that help keep patient data safe:


dbtech’s database and reports are fully encrypted, so no one outside the application can retrieve data.

2. User Security

Our robust user security feature includes the ability to enforce complex passwords and lock out users after a certain period of inactivity.

3. Auditing

The final security feature we offer is auditing. All-access and changes to data within our system are fully logged and can be reported on or retrieved later.

Data Security & Privacy Spans All Products & Services at dbtech

dbtech takes patient security very seriously. We understand that the data and documents stored in our products and services must remain secure and confidential. For this reason, we employ various measures in our software to ensure that our customers’ sensitive information is safe. 

Furthermore,  our support staff has received training on data security practices to ensure they know their roles in protecting customer data. We ensure that all of our products and services adhere to the highest levels of security so that customers can rest assured their data will remain secure no matter where in the system it resides.

dbtech: Your Trusted Partner in Critical Healthcare Operations

Data security, privacy, and secure document management are crucial to ongoing healthcare operations. As such, we have implemented state-of-the-art security measures to ensure that patient data remains locked in place. Our products and services are designed with the utmost compliance and HIPAA standards in mind. We strive to be your trusted partner in secure document management, so you can rest assured that your patient’s data is safe.

If you are interested in dbtech and our document management solutions, please contact one of our team members today. We look forward to helping you maintain and secure your data.

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