3 Ways to Improve Patient Care

16 January 2024

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

How can healthcare providers achieve the goal of improving patient care? One key component is the strategic implementation of healthcare technology. By mitigating system downtime and leveraging tools like eForms and workflow automation, dbtech’s solutions offer a roadmap to improved patient care. Today, we’re exploring three ways that dbtech’s technology can be harnessed when rendering excellent patient care.

1. Have a System Downtime Solution in Place

Electronic health records (EHRs) are crucial in various healthcare environments, but what happens in the event of system downtime? Whether planned or unplanned, downtime can hinder medical professionals’ ability to provide quality care, especially if the EHR outage is extensive. That’s why having a downtime solution in place is critical. 

Using HL7 transactions, our system enables providers to gain instant electronic access to patient data in a downtime event, allowing for streamlined and accurate data entry. Moreover, with rapid recovery, providers and staff can ensure that all information is sent back to the EHR automatically and instantly, providing a smooth transition back to the primary system once the event is over.

2. Utilize an Electronic Forms Solution

The check-in process can be tedious for patients and staff members. Patients have to fill out several forms, which can take up valuable time, and healthcare employees have to enter the information into the EHR manually. 

Implementing an electronic form solution can speed up this process, reduce errors, and improve patient care. Electronic forms are a great solution because they can automatically populate patient data into the EHR, taking the burden off healthcare employees and providing accurate information to clinicians. Utilizing electronic forms can also improve the patient experience by reducing wait times and achieving efficiency.

Even with an existing eForms solution, review any departments that still have paper-based forms, they are out there, like surgical consents. Integrating these into your digital process can further enhance efficiency. Consider expanding eForms to additional departments, ensuring comprehensive digital coverage for all patient interactions.

3. Leverage Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is an essential healthcare tool that can significantly improve patient care. By automating repetitive and routine tasks, clinicians can focus on what matters most – the patient. For instance, by automating tasks such as nurse rounding schedules, time is freed up for direct patient care, resulting in improved patient satisfaction levels. 

On a broader level, automating healthcare workflows can streamline clinical processes, reducing the chances of errors and ensuring that patient information is shared and updated in real time. This improved communication means a clinician can instantly access necessary patient information, leading to faster, more informed decisions about patient care. 

Contact dbtech & Transform the Patient Experience

Incorporating dbtech’s solutions into your healthcare processes can significantly improve patient care. Our electronic forms, workflow automation, system downtime solutions, and EHR integration capabilities provide a foundation for organizations to offer quality care to patients. Implementing these healthcare tools benefits not only patients but healthcare professionals as well, as they can work more efficiently and ultimately provide a better patient experience.

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