EHR Downtime: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Paper-Based Workflows

19 May 2023

AUTHORED BY: DB Technology

Modern healthcare organizations are at a turning point: should they stick with the traditional paper-based system or take the leap of faith and transition to a more efficient EHR downtime solution? The answer lies in a healthcare organization’s ability to identify potential pitfalls that come with paper-based workflows.

Digitizing your workflows will help streamline your downtime procedure and ensure your staff are using their time effectively on manual data entry while allowing for greater accuracy and efficiency. This blog will discuss how dbtech’s solution can benefit healthcare organizations looking to move away from paper-based workflows.

EHR Downtime Woes Caused by Paper-Based Systems 

No healthcare organization is immune to the inefficiencies of downtime. However, these inefficiencies are often exacerbated when staff still rely on paper-based patient data management systems. Paper-based systems are highly susceptible to a host of issues when hospital staff is working under the immense pressure of an EHR downtime event. This includes the following:

Inefficient Workflows

During a planned or unplanned downtime event, staff members must manually document patient information, which can take time away from providing patient care. In a high-stress environment like a hospital, every second counts, and paper-based systems can cause unnecessary delays.

Error Prone

When staff members are pressured to document patient information quickly, errors can occur. Illegible handwriting, misinterpretation of data, and misplaced documentation are common issues with paper-based systems that can lead to errors in patient care.

Not Scalable

As hospitals expand and grow, paper-based systems become increasingly difficult to manage. The more patients a hospital serves, the more cumbersome paper-based systems become. On the other hand, electronic systems can scale to meet the needs of a growing hospital.

Not Secure 

Paper records can be lost, stolen, or damaged, compromising patient confidentiality and putting hospitals at risk of HIPAA violations. Electronic systems provide greater security and access control, ensuring patient information is always protected.

The Solution: dbtech’s Digital EHR Downtime Toolkit 

So, what is the solution? To start, hospitals must invest in a reliable and secure downtime solution to keep patient information safe and easily accessible during an EHR downtime event. Electronic downtime workflows and document management systems provide hospitals with the tools to manage patient data efficiently and securely.

At dbtech, we specialize in downtime solutions for healthcare organizations. Our advanced systems ensure that hospitals always have access to critical patient information, even during a downtime event. Our scalable, secure, and user-friendly solutions make them the ideal choice for hospitals looking to manage patient data effectively. 

Contact dbtech today to learn how we can help you transition from paper-based workflows and create a secure, future-safe EHR downtime solution.

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