How to Improve Healthcare Collaboration

8 February 2023

AUTHORED BY: Cally Kobza

Healthcare is a complex and ever-changing industry. For this reason, healthcare providers must collaborate effectively to provide optimal care for patients. It is critical to deliver the tools that make this kind of collaboration more manageable than ever. At dbtech, our advanced workflow automation and tools facilitate communication between departments, employees, providers, and patients. Healthcare organizations can now run more smoothly and provide better patient care. Let’s explore these solutions in greater detail.

Streamlining Collaboration Across Departments & Processes

Rasi increases collaboration between various departments at healthcare facilities.  If the necessary data is not available it becomes challenging for providers. For example, the proper registration documents have not been collected at the point of entry. This is just one example of how patient care can go awry without the right tools at a healthcare worker’s disposal. 

Our solutions provide a robust user interface that offers easy sharing of unstructured documents between departments. Without a solution in place, employees would have to hunt down paper copies of the documents they were seeking instead of them being immediately available at the time of patient registration. 

This is not an ideal situation for an urgent care matter. Fortunately, dbtech can circumvent these instances using Rasi’s secure document exchange capabilities.  

Increase Collaboration by Utilizing Automated Workflows with Ras & Rasi

Ras Workflow Automation

Ras workflow automation enables end-users to collaborate with the healthcare facility’s IT department to render their reports into data for use. IT will set up the workflows to immediately occur at the capture of the report. This eliminates the need to create an entirely new task for the IT department. 

Data can be collected and transformed regardless of IT staffing using automated workflows. Staff can be alerted when critical new data is available for review, further streamlining processes. Other automation offered by this tool includes data extraction, automatic emailing, printing, and more. 

Rasi for Registration

With dbtech’s Rasi, registration management and staff collaborate more closely because expected documents can be monitored within the Rasi interface. Registration Management now has the tools to determine what documents are missing before the patient leaves the hospital. This level of collaboration achieves greater efficiencies through improved collection of missing documents that are located post-care. 

Document Signing with Rasi

Users can collaborate on the signing of documents within Rasi. Rasi documents can be set up with approval workflows for one or many signatures. As such, our tools permit users to complete a document and provide immediate access to the subsequent users in the signature workflow. Now, completion time is effectively reduced. 

Effectively Mitigating EHR Downtime Events Through Improved Coordination

In the healthcare realm, it’s no secret that better care coordination results in better care outcomes. When utilizing dbtech’s Downtime solution registration can now benefit from increased efficiency and improved patient care.

Moreover, when shifts overlap during a Downtime event, nursing staff can review notes and vitals taken by previous care workers using our downtime solution. This pertinent information is saved as documents within the Downtime UI, enabling improved visibility across shifts.

New document types can be created from there to enhance other workflows, including workflows between departments. For instance, a hospital could design an electronic form to be used when the EHR is not accessible.

Document Management That Enables Consistent Workflows 


With eFolders for HR, department staff can immediately exchange employee documents with departmental managers. Documents such as their resume, references, prior employee evaluations, and more can be stored and shared without the need to call the HR department for access. Electronic forms, can also be designed by the HR department for time off requests and  performance evaluations that all departmental managers can use, creating more consistent workflows and increasing efficiency.

Patient Registration

For organizations still using paper, dbtech’s patient registration workflow enhancements  ensure that the necessary documentation is collected at registration. With Registration Workflows within Rasi, management can be assured that all required documents are collected, and the patient will not have to be called post-service for missing information. In turn, this process will effectively eliminate many billing delays. 

Automated Workflows & Collaboration with Front-end Systems

Documents that span different service encounters, such as consent for treatments, can be reused between encounters using Rasi. Built-in rules eliminate the need to ask the patient more than once to complete their Consents. As a result, patient satisfaction is increased as there is better clarity regarding whether the form has already been completed.

Rasi also facilitates better collaboration  with  other systems, such as your EHR. In fact, workflow automations have saved IT staff valuable time, thus making IT more responsive to other essential hospital needs. 

Enhanced Collaboration Between Billing Departments 

Collaboration   is enhanced because documents can be automatically shared internally and externally, making the exchange of information more efficient. Also, when external entities use Ras to review their content, internal staff have a complete audit trail knowing who and when that data was accessed. 

There are multiple methods to share data externally. One, to attach the content to an email automatically delivered each time the source of that data is captured, or two, to provide access via RAS Web. External entities can be notified of new content using the latter method, as the content will be available via an automated email notification that includes the URL to the content. 

dbtech: Achieving True Collaboration Across the Board 

dbtech offers a suite of products that are designed with collaboration in mind. With our secure platform, providers can quickly and easily access patient documentation and enable continuity of care. And by using its automated workflows, it enables better collaboration between internal and external resources. On top of that, dbtech minimizes the impact that EHR downtime events have on patient care and billing processes.

In summary, dbtech’s comprehensive solutions enable enhanced collaboration across departments and providers. As a result, healthcare organizations can achieve greater productivity and improved patient satisfaction. Learn how you can increase collaboration at your healthcare facility today.

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