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By Charlie Wilson

The recent rainstorms that hit the Northeast United States have caused major flooding and power outages throughout the region.  The water and lack of power have caused major disruptions to some businesses.  When a natural disaster hits, is your business prepared?

Business continuity is a strategic necessity.  In a market where unpredictability becomes the norm, planning for a major disruption is another variable in running your business.

When I was living in California, all of the schools taught earthquake preparedness training, the telephone books had a section for what to do in an earthquake, television stations would air specials on being prepared for the ‘big one’.  In October, 1989, the Loma Prieta earthquake (the one delayed the World Series) caused major damage in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Bridges collapsed, buildings fell and severe damage was caused throughout the region.  While any loss of life is tragic, the region fared well and disruption was at a minimum because they were prepared.

California knows that there will be another earthquake.  Strong building codes, emergency response plans for state and local government, and individual plans are all part of the regions mindset.

A number of tips for being prepared:

  • Have a business continuity plan – review the plan.
  • Have support throughout your entire organization for that plan.  Train your team(s).
  • Have a disaster recovery plan for your data center.
  • Get rid of your paper.  I know a very good document management company that can assist in digitizing your documents.  Paper does not do well in a flood.
  • Human error (intentional or not) is much more likely to occur than a natural disaster.  Audit your procedures.

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