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The Great Escape…of Data

BY GREG PARK The convergence of digital health information and social file sharing technologies has introduced major challenges for health providers seeking to share PHI with business and clinical partners while adhering to HIPAA obligations. The Risk Are rules for information sharing understood by all employees? File sharing technologies are...

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“Little Data” and the Shortcomings of the Self-Service Model

BY GREG PARK How do your employees and partners obtain the information they need to perform their jobs? Are they PUSHED information in the traditional way, via reports and emails? Are they asked to PULL information via a self-service tool, i.e. EMR dashboards and query tools? The PULL method is...

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Notice of Admission or: How I Learned to Stop Wasting Money and Love my EDM

GREG PARK The only function of an Enterprise Document Management (EDM) is the delivery of unstructured content and Interoperability with your EMR…Right? Wrong! For Dbtech customers Ras provides features well beyond traditional EDM. For example, many of our customers have recognized the efficiency of automating payer notification through the Ras...

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Data Singularity

BY GREG PARK Much like the blind men and elephant, you will only understand a person, place or thing when you see the big picture. How true this is for patient care. Your EMR is great, and better be considering its price-tag! Would it surprise you to learn it is...

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The ROI of Electronic Forms (eForms)

BY GREG PARK Eliminating paper cost is important, but typically only accounts for less than half of the total savings. Most importantly, it does not factor the cost of a poor patient experience. Case in point…Patient Registration. There are five key factors need in order to calculate an accurate ROI....

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Options for Historical Patient Data while Upgrading your EHR

BY GREG PARK Are you getting ready for the BIG MOVE to your new EHR? Like most US hospitals you are either in midst of negotiations with a new vendor, preparing your implementation project plan, or scrambling to make your new system “fit in” with your hospital family. So why...

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4 Things to Consider When Preparing for an Accounts Payable & Human Resources Imaging Solution

BY GREG PARK Does this sound familiar? Each year budget committees discusses the merits of new software proposals, perhaps even a document imaging system for Accounts Payable and Human Resources. The decision is made, or mostly NOT made, to move forward. A decision made on an amalgam of corporate direction and...

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Greenwood Leflore Hospital Selects Dbtech eFolders

208 bed Mississippi based hospital will create paperless Human Resources (HR) processes and implement e-Signature at Registration Greenwood Leflore Hospital offers a full complement of medical and surgical care capabilities across its five-county network of clinics. Their vision was a paperless environment in Registration and Human Resources and by selecting Dbtech’s...

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Virtua Health Signs Agreement with dbtech to Implement eFolders for Physician Credentialing

Dbtech announced today an agreement with Virtua Health for the implementation of dbtech’s eFolders solution. Virtua has been leveraging dbtech’s Ras content management platform for multiple IT platforms since 1998, and in recent years has relied on dbtech’s Scan to Ras function for the capture of physician and government affairs documentation. In...

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Evangelical Community Hospital Signs Agreement with dbtech to Implement eFolders for Lawson

Dbtech announced today the signing of an agreement with Evangelical Community Hospital of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania for the implementation of dbtech’s eFolders solution. Evangelical, while in the final planning stages of a Lawson (Infor) implementation project, began an analysis on vendors with image enablement tools to connect resumes, invoices and other paper documents...

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