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The Top 6 Healthcare Workflows to Automate for Streamlined Operations

Workflow automation in healthcare is pivotal for achieving optimal patient outcomes and driving operational efficiency. Not only does it save time, increase accuracy, and reduce reliance on paper-based processes, but workflow automation ensures data security and privacy – a critical factor for healthcare facilities. Here, we will discuss the top...

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How Urgent is the Need for an EHR Downtime Solution?

System downtime is inevitable, and in the healthcare industry, this can be catastrophic. Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are integral to healthcare organizations, managing patient data and preserving it for future use. When downtime occurs, however, organizations face various issues, including missing or inaccurate patient information and decreased patient satisfaction....

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Enhancing Workflows for Patient Access & Registration Departments

The healthcare industry in the United States is a massive enterprise, costing approximately $4 trillion yearly, with a significant chunk going towards administrative spending. In fact, almost 25% of that total is allocated for administrative tasks. However, hospitals can reduce this cost with advanced workflow automation technology while simplifying departments...

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News: Ransomware Attack Forces Connecticut Hospital System to Revert to Paper

The healthcare industry has been the target of several Ransomware attacks in recent years, with the Northeastern region of the United States being particularly hard hit. Recently, several hospitals and medical facilities owned by Prospect Medical Holdings in multiple states, including Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Southern California,...

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Department Spotlight: A Day in the Life of dbtech’s Support Team

dbtech believes that our customers' success is our success. This is why our Support Team is dedicated to providing expert support services to help our customers make the most of our products. In this blog, we will shed some light on our Support Team's daily responsibilities, highlight our differentiators, discuss...

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Integrate dbtech Solutions to Streamline Workflows, Improve Patient Care

Every day, healthcare organizations are challenged with new problems that need to be solved as quickly as possible. From patient care to administrative tasks, workflows can be hectic and overwhelming. Hospitals have workarounds, even when a downtime event occurs, though oftentimes these solutions are not the most efficient. That's why...

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Cutting Costs and Increasing Efficiency: The Benefits of an Electronic Document Management Solution

Healthcare organizations today face mounting pressure to reduce costs and improve the patient experience while maintaining high levels of efficiency and compliance. dbtech’s electronic document management solutions are designed to help organizations achieve those goals. Our document imaging and document management software solutions, Rasi and eFolders, are easy to use...

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4 Tips for Selecting an eForms Vendor

eForms improve patient satisfaction for less than the cost of a full-time registrar. Are you intrigued? How about reducing registration throughput by 10-20 minutes? Oh?  Have I got your attention now? eForms is the solution, but how do you compare vendors? The Early Bird Catches the Worm Patient registrations last...

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10th Annual DV/NJHIMSS Conference

  Dbtech will present at the 10th Annual DV/NJHIMSS Conference Oct 4th–6th at Harrah’s Resort Hotel & Casino Atlantic City NJ. Join dbtech at booth 406 to discuss our healthcare solutions, and raffle off a Holy Stone Drone with HD Camera! This year we proudly present dbtech’s Downtime Solutions. Our...

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Dollars & Sense

  By failing to prepare for EHR downtime events, you are planning to fail. I have written extensively regarding financial benefits related to properly planning for EHR & Network downtime events. We’ve discussed how EMR downtimes and the use of paper registration forms prolong registration processes by 20 minutes. These...

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